poles round the world copy


Tadpoles can go around the world – and let us pay tribute ot all poles around the world -from the X-Pole to the Pink pole – and now, over to you …. take it away blakey!!



That is the journey but where does that leave the destination – could we perhaps pop into the x-pole bar to find out what happens when someone has left behind their mother land? Could the tadpole climb up the greasy pole to success? Or do they need to lurk deep down at the bottom where nobody will every find them??

I met a man called Cyril who said that he could strip an engine using only his teeth – ┬áthe man loved the taste of gease, which is perhaps why he spent so much time with a pole dancer called Mylene from Lesbos – a regular performer at the Saphos who could do more moves on a Pole within 60 seconds than anyone in Warsaw ever attempted. Her choice – will of course it was the XSport even though she was famed for being the Xpert! Oh the adventures to be had … see it all in my blog.

And over to you again Cliff …


No more troubles for a week or two – make that much longer than that with the stress relieving powers of the great Mylene and her great static pole. That was really a bear but by wearing a suit then he was accepted into the club – as long as he remembered to take his hat off! So the adventure went on with x-Pole and the bear all doing there best to play peekaboo and ideed do whatever it took to fund the trip. The x-pole provided by polesport was a great help to the X-Pole who was never shy anyway – but the extra confidence of the quality spin most certainly helped out with everything.