How the X-Pole met the Bear

A short story of an X-Pole and a dancing bear

The bear could already dance and so could the pole – but that doesn’t mean that they had to meet and travel together does it?

But what is does mean is that if/when they meet up there is a much higher chance of them staying together. So How did they come to get together – well the bear was performing for his keep in Istanbul – the Pole was in-between work – which led to the unusual situation for Carly in that she was going to need the man to take care of her, despite the fact that she had always prided herself upon her independence.

So the dancing bear was working and Carly sat down next to him to drink up the last few slumps of the milkshake that she had just bought. There eyes met and there was an immediate connection – this is despite the fact that they did not speak the same verbal language the the thing that they both spoke was the language of dance – that was what they shard somehow the eyes told it all – the bear stopped in mid twist and reached out to the x-pole. She was hesitant at first, which is understandable in that no even a stripper who has to deal hairy, ugly brutes on a daily basis is going to put her trust in a carnivoure – but love can conquer all and that is exactly what happened in this situation. The X-pole and the dancing bear were united in a waltz that became a spin and then turned into a lift and before you new it they were taking turns around every chrome pole they found as they danced back to the bus without ever really taking their eyes off-of each other.